Kickass Katie Mini-GRC in Boston

This will be a mini challenge inspired by the GORUCK Challenge ( It will be approximately 4-5 hours, but our motto is “Under Promise, Over Deliver” so plan accordingly. There’s no registration fee, but we ask that you make a donation to Kaitlyn’s fund:

Kaitlyn is the daughter of one of our GRT brothers Jason Alexander and was diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia Major (Cooley’s Anemia) when she was 3 months old. We are raising money to support Kaitlyn through her Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) and whatever is remaining will be donated to a cause of Kaitlyn’s choice. We have learned that going through a BMT comes with a financial hardship. 

Where?  Park St T stop.  Look for the group of people wearing backpacks.

What do you have to bring? Just a backpack with some bricks in it, water/snacks if you need them and a good spirit. 

Bricks? Yes bricks. GRTs, you know the drill. For everybody else, 2 bricks if you’re under 150lbs and 3 if you’re over. Wrap them in something, a T-shirt, duct tape, something

Anything else? Be ready for some fun, some suck, and everything in between. Bring a good attitude and your ID, we’ll be heading to a bar afterwards for a ruckoff with some beer and food. 

What’s a ruckoff? It’s hanging out with your new friends with your rucks off. Don’t over-think it, just have a beer.

Here are some more details on the Challenge:

There is a facebook event for the mini here:

If you aren’t on facebook but want to attend anyway, email me at jgleonard <at>