"GoRuck Family just wanted you all to know how much you changed a little girls life yesterday (12/19/2012) from Newtown CT. While working one of several funeral details as a police officer a Mother, father and their small daughter named Jennifer walked into to pay their respect to Jennifer’s school mate. The father was unable to get Jennifer’s jacket off and Jennifer began to cry. I walked over to see if I could help and Jennifer said this, “I can’t take off my jacket, I have to have it on if the bad man comes back and in need to go “. What do you say to a 7 year old you has seen the worst. I had my GoRuck patch which I was going to leave at the Red Hook School after my detail but instead I gave it to Jennifer. I told her how important it was to me but that she was “the most tough” person I had ever known. She but the patch on her little rabbit she carried and took off her jacket. Jennifer said she was tough and it was ok now. Now I did Class 137 in NYC , but this 7 yr old she earned that patch. Thank You GoRuck for allowing me to help a little girl on a horrible day ! I will be working again in Newtown today and on Christmas. Go Ruck Family stay safe and look forward to seeing you in May in Hartford if you are there.
Officer Johnson
Manchester Police Department, CT"

— This was posted to the GORUCK Tough group.

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